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pig location receiver Made in China
Electronic positioning transmitter technical parameter
Component: mainly by the launching coil, electronic circuits and power components.
Technical characteristics and performance:
A.Power supply: in accordance with international practice, the use of 5 # dry battery as a power supply. Thereby avoiding the use of rechargeable batteries for power (due to the existence of memory battery failure) and the power supply unreliable drawbacks.
B. Continuous working time: the continuous working time of the transmitter performance index, is a measure of transmitter performance, one of the most important indicators. Especially for long-distance pipeline is particularly important. Since the power can not be changed once the transmitter is running with the pig into the pipeline. If a transmitter with a short continuous operating time is used as the signal source, along with the pig run in the pipeline, it will lose its effective monitoring later in the run of the pig. Once the pig in the operation of the card jam phenomenon, it will be difficult to quickly and accurately determine the specific location of the jam point. This is bound to the smooth completion of the project and the smooth progress of production, bringing immeasurable losses.
The transmitter has a continuous working time of at least more than 300 hours.
C.Transmitter signal strength and signal frequency: In order to achieve the purpose of effective monitoring of the pig running in the pipeline, the pig transmitter to provide a sufficient strength of the signal to the ground monitoring equipment. Transmitter performance indicators are as follows
Effective launching distance> 20m;
Signal frequency deviation <± 0.1Hz.
D.Transmitter housing made of stainless steel, the maximum pressure> 10MPa. Can withstand 6.5g acceleration test.
E. Applicable temperature range is: -20 ℃ ~ +90 ℃.
F. The transmitter shall be capable of withstanding the impact of the pig.
G. Design life: 30 years.
Packing details

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