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Happily Even After: Can You Be Friends After Lovers? [eBook] [ePUB]
[Image: H4yfdg8e_o.jpg]

English | August 1st, 1999 | ISBN: 1561706299 | 224 Pages | EPUB | 0.36 MB

Happily Even After, by Alan Cohen shows us how to approach relationship parting in a way that bestows us with strength and empowerment, rather than pain and sadness. Alan tells us that we should define the success of a relationship by the quality of aliveness we experienced while the relationship thrived, and that although you may no longer have romantic love for each other, you can have a spiritual love that can endure forever. He calls this kind of love "Big Love."

"Big Lovers recognize that the key to enjoying a better relationship with your next partner is to appreciate the last one-for both the joys you shared and what you learned through the challenges." If you are ready to move from fear and separateness to mutual empowerment,- if you are ready to grow beyond strife, -this book offers you a new vision and many tools to live by. 


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