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Omega's Scent: Staunton Valley Pack, Book 2 By Lance Briggs [Audiobook]
[Image: 51TLYrrO6WL._SL500_.jpg]

Publisher's Summary
Taylor Harris was a Varsity football player at Hudson Gray College. With a ball player's hard body, blond hair, and blue eyes, he was the typical all-American. But Taylor had a secret and it was that he wasn't a man at all. He was a wolf shifter bent on playing football at least at a college level. The son of the Prime Alpha of Hudson Valley Pack and the next in line for that position, Taylor wanted to live in the wider world before he was pulled into the private community of his shifter pack. But when a new roommate, Austin Greene showed up at the beginning of the semester Taylor's life takes a dramatic turn.
Austin Greene was a gay man who worked long and hard to get admitted as an architecture student at Hudson Bay College. Raised by a financially struggling single father, Austin took after school jobs and summer jobs to raise money for tuition to college. When he got to Hudson Bay he was dismayed to be paired with ultra-masculine Taylor Harris as a roommate. But that amazement soon turned to annoyance when Taylor took every opportunity to make Austin's life difficult. But all that changed when Austin began to feel extremely strange. And when Taylor informed Austin he was an Omega wolf shifter, made to mate with an Alpha and bear pups, he thought Taylor was crazy. Or pranking him.
But other shifters on campus have had their eyes on Austin as well and had an entirely different purpose in mind for him. Can Taylor protect the young shifter from those that would do him harm? And can they navigate the tricky relationship between a shifter who knows what he wants and a shifter who doesn't know who he is?

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